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Maths Equipment

When tackling any job or project having the right equipment not only makes it easier but also increases achieving the goal.

The same is true for solving maths problems.

Having the right equipment is a good place to start, but you also need to know how to use it confidentially.

Below are articles on the main pieces equipment used and how to use them.


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How to use a protractor                                                                How to use a compass                         


Recommended Calculators

GCSE - Casio FX-83GT/83GT plus            A-Level - Casio FX-991EX ClassWiz                                                 

Image result for casio 83GT calculator            Image result for casio 991-ex calculator

For the user guides please click on the calculator. 

These calculators are recommend by the boards because:-

·     Clear and easy to understand displays

·     Easy to use

·     On the Casio FX-991EX ClassWiz and FX-83GT plus the solar panel provides power in addition to the battery.


Casio FX-83GT/GTplus starting price £8.35 on Amazon, they are also stocked in supermarkets and other retail outlets

Casio FX-991EX ClassWiz starting price £25.00 at Tesco, also stocked at Amazon, and other retail outlets.


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